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Environmentally Conscience
The Color Of Copysource Incorporated is GREEN
The greatest environmental impact of our products is through the actual operation of our products and solutions.  Our goal is to improve the customer experience by integrating environmental considerations into our business strategies, thereby resulting in superior products and customer retention.

Customers increasingly value environmental aspects of products, such as energy efficiency, emissions reduction, and the ability to recycle exhausted supply containers.  We differentiate our product selection by integrating such features to deliver a low total cost of ownership, an improved user experience, and an overall reduction of their environmental footprint.

We have chosen our partners based on their commitment to minimize the overall use of materials, utilize recyclable materials, partners that use reduced packaging size and weight to minimize transportation fuel impact.  Partners that use Simitri Polymerized Toner, which achieves an approximately 40% reduction in CO2 emissions during production, this as compared with toners produced by conventional pulverization methods. 

All of our partners operate in full compliance with the strict code of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Standard, which provides the requirements for organizations wishing to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.

We require all of our partners to meet the following Earth Conscience Aspects:

Energy Star Qualified
ROHS Compliancy
ISO 14001 Standards
Ozone Emissions Filters
UL/UL-C Approved
100% Toner Efficiency-No Toner Waste
Organic, Recyclable Photoreceptors
Recyclable Toner Containers
Prints on Recyclable Paper
Minimum of Level 2 Zero Emissions with a Comprehensive Plan Toward Zero Emission